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Safer Together

Safer Together is a new consortium for not-for-profit providers of services for victims of domestic abuse. We aim to win significant resources to sustain and grow high quality, consistent domestic abuse provision across Lancashire and influence local, regional and national policy on domestic abuse

The goal of the consortium is to safeguard and grow high quality service provision for victims of domestic abuse across Lancashire, through working with commissioners to co-design services, creating a single point of contracting, and by tendering competitively for public and private service contracts via a range of channels.

Our philosophy is that we are stronger together than apart, we exist to encourage organisations to work together to empower women, girls, families and communities to end all forms of domestic and sexual abuse. Together with our partners we have developed a clear vision for the consortium.

We believe that together we can learn and share more, be innovative and responsive in our approach and deliver better services for victims of domestic abuse than we can apart. Together we will make Lancashire safer.

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